For Job Seekers

Attend the Job Fair!

The Community Job Fair is an opportunity to seek out different employment opportunities and connect directly with various organizations and industries across Saskatoon!

How to participate

The 12th Annual Community Job Fair was February 8, 2023 at Bedford Road Collegiate! Stay tuned for details on the 2024 event!

This event is FREE and open to everyone of all skillsets. 

Bring multiple copies of your resume and apply on the spot with over 30 employers!

Click here for the updated list of exhibitors!

Employers will continue to be added leading up to the Community Job Fair

The Community Job Fair Provides you with an Opportunity to:

Speak one on one with employers, allowing you to stand out in a way that you might not on your resume.

Learn more about entry level positions in various industries to diversify your skill set

Ask and receive more information on different businesses and positions

Meet employers face to face

Make a list!

Review the list of employers who will be attending the Job Fair and jot down the names of the top employer booths you want to visit. You likely will not have time to visit every employer, so prioritizing your top choices will ensure you meet with the ones you really want to apply with.

Do your research!

Once you have created your list, review the websites of your top employer choices. Look to see if they have position descriptions you can review, how they describe their company, and what services they offer.

Tailor your resume!

Adapt your resume to the employer you are applying with so that they know you have a real interest in working for their company. Insert keywords that you find in your research on the company so they connect your skills to their open positions.