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Camp Catering Services

Athabasca Catering

Who we are

We are your one stop remote camp catering service provider! With over 20 years’ experience in Northern Saskatchewan’s remote mining industry, we provide our clients with quality catering solutions.

Our network of industry proven suppliers allows us to meet your workforce camp, catering, and logistic requirements.
No matter how large, small, or remote, we can provide comfortable camp solutions with nutritious meals and friendly local service.

We are 100 percent First Nations Owned by:

  • Lac La Ronge Indian Band
  • Fond du Lac
  • Black Lake
  • Hatchet Lake
  • English River

We’re hiring

  • Janitors (must have drivers license)
  • Housekeeping/ Sanitizers
  • General Help in the Kitchen/ Dishwashers
  • Cooks